So many formats, so little time–tame them with Zamzar

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In spite of the fact that people and programs work better when they speak a common language, that shared communication may be an unreachable dream. Document formats, image formats, music formats, video formats–it seems like everybody speaks a different language out there.

Let's say you have a .pdf document, but you need to edit it. You don't have a full-blown copy of Acrobat, so you can't edit that document. What if you could open it in Word and go from there?

Zamzar is a free online file conversion service. Supporting a huge number of file formats, you can make any file into just about any other type of file. Select your file, choose the type of file you would like it converted to, and pull the trigger. The source file is uploaded, and within several minutes, or an hour at most, you will get an email with a link to download the resulting file from Zamzar's server. The service also works with URLs, so you can convert a web page to .pdf, or grab a video from YouTube and convert it into a QuickTime file.

You can upload up to five files and URLs at once, with a maximum of 100MB combined size. Converted files are available for download for up to 24 hours, so you'll have adequate time to go collect your files. Since your files are traveling across the 'Net and living on somebody else's server, you'll want to choose carefully which files you want to work with; your list of your credit card numbers and banking passwords might not be a good candidate for conversion.

Zamzar is compatible with just everybody's system, as long as there's a web browser.

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