Jaxed lowers the cost of entry for blogging

screenshot of Jaxed

Everybody's got a blog. Your mom has a blog; your kids have a blog. Some people even talk about free software on a blog. Do you have a blog?

Setting up a blog has always been an ordeal. You can use one of the free hosting services, but then you're locked into their designs, and often their ads. You can use some of the free blog systems, but you still have to get down in the guts of the server to configure them, make sure you're using–or even have access to–the right database. It's one headache after another. Isn't there something easy to set up and use?

Jaxed is a super simple blogging system. It boasts zero configuration, and doesn't even use a database, relying on XML files instead for its data. With an appreciation for the content in your blog, Jaxed is built in a SEO (search engine optimization) friendly way, to maximize your blogs visibility in the search engines.

A free download, Jaxed runs on modern Windows servers.

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