Secure your system with Comodo Free Firewall

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Comodo Free Firewall is another weapon to add to your arsenal in trying to keep the Bad Guys from compromising your system, your data, and your life. Like all software firewalls, it works in two ways: it keeps bad things from coming into your system, and it keeps your system from sending bad things back out.

As with any firewall, you can configure which ports are open for incoming traffic. By keeping open only those ports you absolutely need, you limit your exposure to potential problems. As with software firewalls, it also keeps an eye on apps running on your system, and makes sure only those programs who have business talking to your network or the Internet are given permission to do so. By watching which apps talk to which ports, it can help keep spyware from "phoning home" with your credit card info and other such nastiness.

Comodo claims it can recognize over ten thousand applications that could be running on your system, and knows what types of potential vulnerabilities each of them can expose you to. This, coupled with its ability to serve up Smart Alerts, asking you in clear terms which apps should be allowed to send data beyond your machine, makes it an ideal tool to use as part of your overall security regimen, along with your regular antivirus and anti-spyware programs.

Comodo Free Firewall is a Windows app and is compatible with Win2k and later systems.

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