TimeTracker: how long did that job take?

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How long did that job take? Do you really know, or do you have to guess? Whether you're on your own time, working for wages, or even working with billable hours, it's important to know how long it takes you to get the job done. If you don't remember when you started, how long you took for lunch, or even that couple of hours in the evening, you're not going to have an accurate number at the end of your project.

TimeTracker is a simple app based on a simple principle: when you're working, you're doing things on your computer. Running in your system tray,TimeTracker watches your activity, and when it sees no keyboard or mouse input for a set period of time, it assumes you're not working. Keeping a log of times of activity and inactivity allows you to get a better handle on just how much work you've done during the day.

You can generate reports for a set period of time, which allows you to look at elapsed time, whether for a single session, a day, or even multiple days. You can edit entries, so that you can back-out the time you spend surfing the web instead of actually working.

TimeTracker has a very small footprint and requires no installer. It runs on most Windows systems.

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