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screenshot of AmazonWatcher

Are you an Amazon junkie? How did we ever get along before having the ability to instantly order books, music, and video, to say nothing of cookware, patio furniture, and any of a zillion other things you can order from Amazon? Here's a tool to make it even easier to order from Amazon at the best price possible.

AmazonWatcher will allow you to watch for specific products, looking for changes in availability or price. Enter your item, and choose your criterion: an unavailable item becomes available, or the product price drops below a set level. When you get a hit, the app will alert you, and you can choose to bring up a web page, or send an email as well. You can even order automatically if you want. It's clever enough to figure out what the price is when you get one of those confusing "price too low to display" messages.

Along with the main Amazon site, AmazonWatcher can also watch several of the international sites, broadening your horizons if you're a fan of Region 2 DVDs, for example. The publisher warns that the automatic purchase option may not work with international sites.

AmazonWatcher is available in both Windows (2000, XP, Vista) and Mac (OS X 10.3.9+) flavors.

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