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Windows does a ton of stuff before you get a chance to do anything when you boot up your machine. Windows Explorer, antivirus software, various services, just a bunch of stuff. Have you ever wondered what all that stuff is, or maybe more importantly, have you wondered how you can turn some of it off–or on?

Windows looks in a lot of places for the instructions it uses to figure out what to do. But does this app load from "all users" or is it specific to me? Is it in the Registry, or in one of the StartUp folders, or even an old .ini file?

Startup Manager can help you get a handle on all the stuff that is loaded when you start your system. It presents everything in a clean, tabular form, with notations as to what is invoking the program (Registry or file system), any flags that modify the behavior of the startup apps, and perhaps most importantly, it gives you a checkbox, so you can turn an option on or off, practically at will. No more will you have to put up with the annoying "you have turned antivirus off" messages, when in fact you are using your own protection, rather than the throttled-back version that shipped with your machine.

When you can control your system's startup behavior, you pretty much control the system. And after all, it is your system, right?

Startup Manager is a Windows app.

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