Remote access via email with GetByMail

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Remote access can be a good thing, especially when you're the one gaining the access. The ability to do things remotely can be a life saver. You're at home, but your computer at work should be working–how do you get it going? There are remote access programs out there, like VNC, but those don't always work for you. If your work machine is behind a NAT router and has a private IP address, you're out of luck with most remote access apps.

GetByMail is an interesting tool that doesn't care where your machine is located. Using email to communicate with your system, you can accomplish a lot, even though you machine may be otherwise inaccessible. The only requirement for GetByMail is that each machine involved have a unique email address that it can use. It works with POP3 and IMAP accounts, and even with GMail.

You can run directory listings and change directories, upload and download files, and even run applications remotely. Since it uses email, you bypass firewall restrictions on FTP, SSH/Telnet, and other protocols that often aren't allowed passage through a corporate firewall.

GetByMail is a Windows app and should run on Win98 or later systems.

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