Weather Alarm Clock: If it’s Tuesday, it must be Fair and Warmer with highs in the 80s

screenshot of Weather Alarm Clock

There are a bunch of sites out there where you can look up current weather conditions at various locations around the country or the world. There are desktop apps that allow you do the same thing on your machine. So how about one that lets you keep up with current conditions without having to do anything?

Weather Alarm Clock is a slick little application that you can run in the System Tray that will always give you current weather conditions in your chosen location. No more complicated interface, no obnoxious ads–just move your mouse across the clock, and you'll have instant time and weather conditions for locations you select. Add to this a pop-up calendar and alarms you can set and you've got a handy addition to your desktop.

Weather Alarm Clock is available as a free download. It runs on Windows systems and requires Win2k or better.

Download Weather Alarm Clock

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