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VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) is one of the bigger deals out there for taking advantage of the Internet. Instead of using the phone company and its network of wires and switches, you use the Internet as the conduit for your phone calls to travel from here to there. Commercial services like Vonage allow you to make calls this way, although you still get to pay for the privilege. Free providers like Skype are out there, allowing you to call other members for free, while paying to call numbers that aren't part of the network.

The Gizmo Project is another free VoIP service. Like Skype, you can call other members for free, or for an additional fee you can call and receive calls from phones that aren't part of their network. There are differences, however, between Gizmo and Skype.

Based on the open SIP standard, Gizmo allows you to also talk with Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and Windows Live users, as well as IM your AIM and MSN buddies. file sharing is available through the IM window. Free voicemail and conference calling further enhance your options.

If it's time to tell the telco to take a hike, you may want to hike over to Gizmo and take it for a spin.

Gizmo is available for Linux, OS X, and Windows, so just about everybody can use it.

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  1. Kevin B says:

    Gizmo, the free SIP service and software download has recently been acquired by Google in conjunction with Google voice services, it has temporarily suspended new registrations, but on it’s re-launch you will be able to sign up for a Google voice number, and a free gizmo account and place and receive free calls to any number in the US. for current gizmo subscribers it is possible to associate your gizmo account with a Google voice account for free domestic calling anywhere in the US right from your computer or phone.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Google Voice service it is a free service offered by Google in which you get a free phone number that will follow you anywhere, Mobile, Home, Office (DID required) or even on your computer with a SIP account from Gizmo!

    You can subscribe to a mailing list to be notified when Gizmo 5 re-launches.

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