The File Splitter: It’s like a Ginsu knife for files

screenshot of The File Splitter

Bigger is better, except when it isn't. Suppose you have a large file and you need to move it. Many email systems won't accept attachments bigger than 1MB in size. A diskette can hold only 1.44MB. Even a CD can only hold around 700MB. What if you could move half of the file at a time?

The File Splitter is a convenient way to break large files into several smaller files. Choose your large file by browsing to it, dragging it into the app, or just typing its path. You can choose the size of the resulting "chunks", and the app will tell you how many of them you're going to wind up with. After creating the smaller files, The File Splitter also creates a little executable (it's named "Create" followed by the name of the split file) that lets you knit the small files back together. That means that you can break you file up, email the pieces and the Create, and your recipient won't need to have The File Splitter, since they will use that Create program to reassemble the original file.

The File Splitter is a Windows app and will run under Windows 95B (OSR2) and later.

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