Those who ignore history are doomed to not find their favorite websites

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Every web browser keeps track of the pages you've visited. This is helpful in a number of situations, like when you click the "back" button. If you need to revisit a page you looked at earlier today, or even earlier this week, all you need to do is look through this browser history listing to go back. The bad news is that this history listing is generally kept chronologically, which means that if you know you have visited a site you want to revisit, you have to know when you originally visited it in order to find it in the history listing.

IEHistoryView will allow you not only to look at your browsing history in Internet Explorer, but you can then sort it by URL or page title, as well as date. Along with viewing and sorting the pages you've visited, you can delete individual list entries, and even save them off as text or HTML files.

IEHistoryView works on any Windows system, including Vista, with Internet Explorer version 4 or greater.

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