Scriblink is like a whiteboard, but without the stinky pens

screenshot of Scriblink

Scriblink is an online whiteboard that allows you and up to five others to collaborate, as if you were all sitting around brainstorming in a meeting room. Various on-screen tools allow you to add shapes, text, and more. There's a grid you can toggle off and on, so you can draw with "training wheels" to make sure to keep things "straight".

Each user can select a color to use, so it'll be clear who's adding what to your board. Onscreen chat capability means that you can communicate verbally to support the graphic work you're all involved in.

When you're done, or if you want to do an incremental save of your board, you can save your board to their servers, and even email its URL to others, so you can all pick up again where you left off later.

Scriblink is an online service. All you need to participate is a browser that meets their specs (Firefox, IE 4, Netscape 6, or Safari 2 for Windows, or Safari 2 for Mac) and Java loaded on your machine.

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