Your system will hum with efficiency with Performance Monitor

screenshot of Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor is a desktop tool that lets you know what's really going on inside your computer. Comprising four graphic displays of CPU usage, memory utilization, disk status, and network information, you will always be on top of your system's current status. You can drag the display windows around on the desktop, to keep them out of your way; you can even make them transparent so that you can "click through" them to hit items on your desktop underneath them. Or, if you prefer, you can drag them all into the Taskbar, allowing you to see what's going on without sacrificing any of your scarce desktop real estate.

You can configure Performance Monitor to run at a lower priority, to avoid having the tool take up too many of the system resources you're trying to measure. After all, what good is a tool that throws your measurements off because it's using all your machine's horsepower?

Performance Monitor is a Windows app and will run under Windows 2000 and later.

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