Returnil keeps your system safe no matter what happens to it

screenshot of Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition

Returnil is an interesting app that protects your system from virtually everything. When you start it up, it reads your entire system partition into memory, and then uses this virtual system for your session. This means that no matter what changes get made to your system, all you need to do to roll them back is to restart your machine. You can hang-out in dangerous neighborhoods online–or even let your overly inquisitive nephew onto your system–with no fear of things getting mucked up. Whatever changes are made, intentionally or not, to your system are strictly temporary.

Upgrading to the next version of your favorite app but not sure how your system will like it? Try it out first, and if everything looks good, you can go back and make it "real". When you want to make changes, you simply turn Returnil off and go about your business. Turn it back on and your changes stay put.

Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition is a free download for home users. It runs under Windows XP, 2003 Server, and Vista.

Download Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition

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