Conquer the Windows Registry with RegAlyzer

screenshot of RegAlyzer

Where is the most frightening place you can imagine? A dark, deep cave? A haunted house? The Windows Registry?

While Microsoft would like you to believe that there are no user-servicable parts inside, sometimes you just have to dive into the Registry to really get things to behave the way you want them to. Windows comes with RegEdit, a rather rudimentary tool to deal with Registry tweaks, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

RegAlyzer is an enhanced Registry editor. Along with the usual create, find, and delete functionality of RegEdit, RegAlyzer gives you enhanced search capabilities. Supporting regular expressions, you have a much more robust search functionality available, which will help you to find the keys and values you're looking for more quickly and easily. You can even set bookmarks to get back to areas you work with regularly, like the various startup sections (Run, RunOnce, etc.).

And as always, remember to be really, really careful when manually editing the Registry: one slip and you may wind up with a very expensive doorstop.

RegAlyzer works with most versions of Windows up through Vista.

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