A free PDF viewer that lets you save changes to your documents

screenshot of PDF-Xchange Viewer

PDF-Xchange Viewer is a free Portable Document Format (.pdf) document reader. Of course, you can grab the "official" version of the Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe's website, but you may actually be settling for less if you do.

Along with being faster than the Adobe product, PDF-Xchange Viewer has additional features that aren't available on the free version of Acrobat. Viewing is made easier with special magnifier and scrolling tools. You can add your own sticky notes, or even make annotations in the body of any .pdf document, typing directly on the page, not just in forms documents. You can add shapes also, making it easy to emphasize particular passages with lines, boxes, and such. It's easy to extract text from a document, or to save pages or an entire document off to selected image-format files.

PDF-Xchange Viewer is a free download. It is compatible with Windows systems running Win2k or later.

Download PDF-Xchange Viewer

One Response to “A free PDF viewer that lets you save changes to your documents”

  1. Mulleflupp says:

    By far the fastest and most versatile pdf reader I have tried so far. I’m using it now for several years and whenever I only have the Adobe Reader available, it is a real pain in the neck.

    There exists as well a portable version, so you can carry your preferred pdf reader along on a USB stick.