Edit text or code with ConTEXT Programmers Editor

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ConTEXT is a powerful text editor with great features for use by programmers. Along with editing straight text, it boasts a number of features that will be appreciated by software developers.

Along with being able to open an unlimited number of files simultaneously, it supports lines of up to 4K in length. It includes syntax highlighting for C/C++, Java, VB, all the commonly used scripting languages (Perl, Python, PHP), web design syntax (HTML, CSS, XML), and even flavors of SQL and x86 assembly language. If that's not enough, you can even define your own highlighting for languages that aren't included.

A built-in macro recorder makes it easy to take care of tedious, repetitive tasks. It works with your compiler to give you the best thing this side of an integrated development environment (IDE), especially for scripting languages that don't make provision for such.

You can search and replace through a single file, all open files, and even use regular expressions to nail down the exact text you're looking for in your files.

ConTEXT is a Windows application.

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One Response to “Edit text or code with ConTEXT Programmers Editor”

  1. y0himba says:

    It’s a pity that time concerns are forcing the author to sell this incredible editor. It’s probably the best I have seen for Windows. Fast and complete.

    Hopefully a like minded individual will continue the project in it’s current freeware status.