What’s the difference? You’ll know with AptDiff

screenshot of AptDiff

As a kid, did you ever do those "find five things that are different" puzzles with two pictures? There was always a flower that had a different number of petals, or the clown had curly hair in one but not the other.

AptDiff is a tool that might have helped to solve those puzzles, if they had been computer files instead of images. With AptDiff, you can compare two text or binary files side-by-side and see what the differences are between them. Not only can it spot the differences and report on them, but you can also merge the differences, or even delete them. Using a smart algorithm, you can choose to ignore various whitespace characters and lines, so that you don't see entire files out-of-sync when there is simply one or two extra spaces in one of them. Non case-specific comparisons allow you to filter out differences in character case when that's appropriate.

It's easy to get around in looking at your files, since you can synchronize scrolling between the two file windows. Adjustable panes let you see what you need to see to get the job done.

AptDiff requires Windows and will run on any system from Win2k through Vista.

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