musikCube knows what you like to listen to

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What would you get if you took iTunes and made it better? It might look something like musikCube. Built on top of a sqlite database engine, musikCube is fast as well as flexible. Featuring "dynamic playlists", musikCube actually learns what you listen to, and then gives you more of it.

You can import your music collection by telling musikCube where to look–give it a list of directories or other locations where you usually keep your music–or you can add tracks manually by either browsing to files or using drag-and-drop. Of course, you can also rip from audio CDs to get music in there too. You can easily transfer your music between home and work computers using thumb drives or MP3 players, which sure beats carrying a pile of CDs on the bus.

When you want to expand your horizons beyond your own music collection, musikCube allows you to listen to streaming audio as well.

musikCube runs on Windows systems.

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