ReactOS and the struggle against World Domination

screenshot of ReactOS

What if you could use a free operating system that used your current hardware and software, and didn't require you to learn a whole new way of looking at the world? If you're a Windows user and aren't familiar with Mac (new hardware) or Linux (new software), you may be out of luck–until now.

ReactOS is a from-the-ground-up implementation of an XP-compatible O/S. the goal is to be able to use all of your NT/XP class software and drivers, but with Windows nowhere to be seen. Based solely on GNU GPL-licensed and compatible code, ReactOS wants to provide all the functionality of Windows, but in an open-source environment.

ReactOS is still Alpha-level software, which means that it is susceptible to unexpected crashes, and will likely eat your data at some point, so you don't want to rely on it for your only system, or certainly not for irreplaceable data. With that in mind, if you have the hardware and the interest, you can see how things could have been (or still can be) with the folks from Redmond out of the picture.

ReactOS runs on x86 machines (a PowerPC version is in the works).

Download ReactOS

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