IPCheck Server Monitor keeps an eye on your servers

screenshot of IPCheck Server Monitor

You can tell when your desktop machine has crashed, or at least when it's feeling grumpy. But what about other machines on your network, or servers you're supposed to be keeping an eye on? You could keep checking, regularly and often, to see if they're still up and running. But why?

One of the things that computers do best is to deal with mindless, repetitive tasks. What could be more brain numbing than constantly checking to see if your servers are still up?

With IPCheck Server Monitor, you can leave the tedium to the machine. Rather than just depending on a simple ping response, you can check various ports and services to see if you get an expected response–a POP3 mail server is useless to you if you can ping it, but Port 110 isn't awake and doing its thing, for example.

As it checks your servers, it'll let you know if there is a problem via email, ICQ message, pager, or SMS (text message) on your cell phone. Now you can sleep at night, knowing that no news is good news.

IPCheck Server Monitor freeware edition is free for personal and commercial use. It's a Windows application.

Download IPCheck Server Monitor

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