Name That Color will not make you the next Picasso

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I don't have any problem seeing colors–it's naming them that is the issue. Maybe it's a guy thing, or maybe it's a lazy thing, I don't know. Show me mauve, violet, and lavender, and I'll call them "purple". That isn't always good enough.

Name That Color is a fun little online tool that can help the color-naming impaired to put voice to their experience. By dragging a pointer over a color wheel, you can view colors and get a name for them. Compiled from a number of different sources, these color names aren't something you will want to give to your printer to put together your next four-color catalog, but it can at least give you a clue what that color is called.

On the more serious side, you can also preview colors based on their hex RGB values, handy when putting web pages together, Type the values directly into a textbox, or drag the pointer around, and you'll see onscreen just what that color looks like. It gives you the decimal equivalents also, which can be helpful in Photoshop.

Name That Color is an online app and should be compatible with most modern browsers.

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