You’ll know who’s coming to visit with WebLog Expert Lite

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So you've built the killer website. You've got cool graphics, the latest content, the most intuitive navigation. Just one question: do you have any visitors?

A website without visitors is just a bunch of files. To see what kind of traffic you're getting, you need to look at the logs your web server uses to record what's going on in your little slice of cyberspace. The challenge to server access logs is they're easier for your web server to understand than for you. With all the timestamps and status codes and referrers, there's a lot of stuff to have to dig through to answer the question "Is anybody home?".

There are lots of tools available to help you sift through your access logs, but some of it is almost as complicated as those logs themselves. What you need is something that will help you understand who's come to visit, rather than to teach you how to configure the tool.

WebLog Expert Lite is a free application that helps you to see who came to visit, where they went on your site, and what they did while they were there. It understands the log files from both Apache and Microsoft (IIS) servers, automatically recognizing log formats. Many hosting providers compress their archived log files, and WebLog Expert Lite can read both .gz and .zip compressed files.

A large number of reports will help you to understand which of your pages have been visited, and where people came from. You can even find out which keywords or phrases were used in search engines to find you.

WebLog Expert Lite is a Windows app and runs on anything from Win95 up through Vista.

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