Use KeyNote to banish all those Post-its hanging on your monitor

screenshot of KeyNote

KeyNote is a flexible notebook that allows you to both jot quick notes and to build complex hierarchical documents. Based on the Windows RichEdit control, KeyNote will keep track of information the way it makes sense to you, so that you can enter and retrieve it in a way that enhances what you're doing, rather than adding yet another layer of complication into your already hectic life.

In its simplest form, KeyNote lets you jot away like in a Notepad document. Add to that the fact that you're working with RTF text, and now you can add formatting–bold, colors, paragraph styles, and so on.

When you take it to the next level, you can build complex documents that used to require multiple files to construct. Within a given document, each note has a separate tab. A tree navigation system allows you to move easily through your document, and to reorder sections as needed.

To incorporate extensive documents that already live elsewhere, you can define "virtual nodes" that are dynamically linked to external files.

Minimize KeyNote to the system tray and a hotkey will bring the app up when you need it. It just might replace that legal pad that's always at your elbow.

KeyNote runs under any 32-bit Windows system, from '95 on up. For earlier systems, you may need to add riched20.dll, although it's probably already on your system.

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