Partimage can bring your system back from the beyond

screenshot of Partimage

You can think of Partimage as kind of like Ghost for Linux. Like the Norton tool, Partimage can save an image of a hard disk partition from most Linux (ext2 and ext3) and many Windows (FAT16 and 32) systems. Saving Macintosh HFS systems, or NTFS from later Windows setups is not fully supported.

Rather than creating an image of the whole partition, Partimage skips free blocks, so aren't saving big chunks of nothing and taking up valuable disk space with that. You can gzip the resulting images, saving tons of space in the process.

You can run Partimage locally, or you can go across your network using Samba. Create a bootable CD of Partimage, and you can resurrect a system that won't even boot.

Use Partimage to restore a good image onto your machine after some nasty virus hoses your system. You can also use it to deploy an identical configuration across a department or enterprise; far preferable to installing from scratch on dozens of machines.

Partimage is a free Linux app, licensed under GPL 2. It is compatible with machines built around Intel x86 and PowerPC architectures.

Download Partimage

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