ThreatFire protects you from today’s threats today

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Most antivirus tools depending on somebody's having seen a given virus before they can protect you. You've seen that you need to regularly update your virus databases to protect you from newly-discovered threats out there. Each of these updated depends on somebody's system having been infected. While protecting you from yesterday's nasties is a good thing, what about the new stuff that happens today? You don't want to be the guy (or gal) who prompts the latest update.

So-called "zero day" exploits are of concern to us all. Rather than depending on a recognizable signature of already-identified threats, ThreatFire (formerly CyberHawk) looks at behavior to recognize and isolate the bad stuff and keep it from messing you up. Keystroke records, spyware, rootkits–they're all fair game for ThreatFire.

By combining a tool like ThreatFire with the antivirus software you're already using, you can sleep just a little easier at night, knowing that your system is that much more protected against what the Internet can throw at it.

ThreatFire is a Windows app and requires Windows 2000 or later.

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  1. doguru says:

    This is much better than Windows Defender. It (as with any new security program) has a learning curve, but once configured, works very well in the background. It found a few things my AV and other spyware programs didn’t.

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