Make your PDF documents even more portable with PDF Split and Merge

screenshot of PDF Split and Merge

Portable Document Format (.pdf) documents are great thing. Platform- and resolution independent, they are a de facto standard for documents on the Web and in other uses. Unfortunately, the "official" tool to manipulate .pdf files costs at least an arm, if not also a log to buy. What if you just need to do some simple file manipulation and don't want to spend a king's ransom?

PDF Split and Merge (pdfsam) does what you'd expect: it splits and merges .pdf files. So just how is this useful, you might ask?

More and more applications put their user manuals in .pdf format, rather than publishing printed books. You don't have to have a very complicated program to have a manual that stretches several hundred pages long. What if you're only interested in Chapter 3? With pdfsam, you can go in and grab just that section of the bigger document and save it off by itself.

What about merging documents? If you scan your bank statement, you may end up with half a dozen individual .pdf files, each containing one single page. With pdfsam, you can combine those individual documents into one single .pdf file that you can then squirrel away, email to someone else, or whatever else you want to do.

PDF Split and Merge is a free Java app, so it will likely run on most any platform that has a Java virtual machine available on it. You can download the source code, or there is a Windows installer for most Win32 platforms.

Download PDF Split and Merge

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