Process Explorer reveals the secret life of your system

screenshot of Process Explorer

How does Windows work? Skillful engineering? Thoughtful design? Magic? Whatever the mechanism, one of the things that any operating system does it try to isolate the user from the minutia of what goes on behind the scenes. When you run a program, who knows what really happens out there. But some times, you do need to know.

Process Explorer is an app that will help you to see what's really going on inside your system. Rather than just knowing that Word is running, you can now see how many different processes are running, which DLLs are adding their two cents, and how your system resources are being used. System running slow? Maybe it's the fault of some poorly designed app you're using–one look in Process Explorer will help you to see just how much of a hit you're taking every time you re-calculate the totals in your spreadsheet.

Process Explorer has been around for a while, and is pretty well regarded. Microsoft must agree, since they bought its publisher in 2006.

Process Explorer is a Windows app and runs on any 32- and 64-bit Windows platform, including Vista.

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