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ContactKeeper is a free PIM (personal information manager) to keep track of contact info for your family and friends. Not intending to be a full-featured tool, it has a only few pre-defined fields, but provides for additional notes in each record, so you can keep track of what you need to know for each contact.

Along with basic contact information, you can keep track of birthdays, so you won't forget that all-important card or gift. You can sort by first or last name, and only one of those is an required field–nothing worse than having to keep track of "Mom Smith" just because the last name's required! Advanced search capabilities helps you find just the info you're looking for too.

Each entry supports unlimited phone numbers and email addresses, so you will always be able to get hold of your people. Data is stored in an .mdb (Microsoft Access) file, so backup is simple: just make a copy of your data file.

ContactKeeper is a Windows application.

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