Keep more project management balls in the air with TaskJuggler

screenshot of TaskJuggler

With a name like "TaskJuggler", this application sounds like another calendar and PIM app that lets you create "to do" lists. That couldn't be further from the truth.

TaskJuggler is a full-featured, industrial-grade project management tool, like Microsoft Project, but without the $600+ price tag. You can use it as a planning tool to allocate resources, and as a reporting tool to track your progress and see how closely you're sticking to your schedule.

All you need to do to get started is to enter your project outline and any specific constraints that you have, and TaskJuggler will work within those parameters to tie all the pieces together. Rather than having to provide all the details at the start of your project, you can add and change the particulars "on the fly" as you progress, not unlike the approach taken with Extreme Programming or Agile Project Management.

You can generate reports in HTML and XML formats, and export to CSV files is supported, so that you can easily import project details into your office productivity tools.

TaskJuggler is a Linux app licensed under the GNU GPL.

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