Does anybody really know what time it is?

screenshot of WorldTimes

It's a hectic world out there. Everybody is coming and going, and our communities often stretch around the world. The kids are in Europe for the semester, mom's sampling sushi in Tokyo, and you're collaborating with an engineer in southern Asia. You need to contact one of them. But what time is it there? Sending an email isn't a big deal, but what happens if you phone right now? Will you wake them? Are they at dinner? How many hours do you add or subtract? And what about daylight time?

WorldTimes is a cool little app that lets you keep track of the time for the places you're interested in. You can track up to a dozen separate locations, and customize the names you display. Choose your locations for a list, or go generic and pick from a list of time zones with exotic names like "GMT-5". WorldTimes is clever enough to know when daylight time is in effect for various locations, and it knows about odd time zones like India's 5 1/2 hour offset from UTC.

WorldTimes is a Mac app and requires Jaguar (OS X 10.2) or later.

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