Your web pages will step out in style with Astyle CSS Editor

screenshot of Astyle CSS Editor

Cascading Style Sheets are a boon to webmasters. They allow you to separate the formatting of information on pages from the data itself, and really make it easier to lay out and format websites. With CSS you can use HTML tables to lay out tabular information, instead of relying on them to format your pages.

Astyle CSS Editor is a tool that'll help you to keep your CSS code under control. The main window features a tree control that allows you to browse through the hierarchy of your code; a preview window lets you see what your page looks like as you make changes to the stylesheet information. Along with viewing your code, you can also generate new code by choosing page elements and applying styles directly to them. Play "what if" games to see what your changes will look like before you fully commit to them.

Astyle CSS Editor is a Windows app that will run on anything from Win98 on up.

Download Astyle CSS Editor

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