“Free” as in “free books”

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O'Reilly Media is a recognized leader in the world of tech book publishing. From their humble beginnings as technical writers and consultants, O'Reilly has gone on to publish many of the definitive tomes for various technologies. The "camel book" Programming Perl by Larry Wall is the Bible for Perl Programmers.

With as many books as they have published out there, there are always going to be some that go out of print. Whether they address issues that are no longer at the forefront of current technologies, or because they have been supplanted by later editions, these books and the information they contain often just go sit in the corner never to see the light of day again.

The O'Reilly Open Books Project is an effort to keep this wisdom available for everyone. The Open Books site features many titles of interest to O'Reilly devotees. In some cases, links are provided to offsite locations where these titles are available, as for The Cathedral & The Bazaar, the commentary on the open source software development process; in others, O'Reilly hosts electronic versions of some of their older out-of-print titles, like CGI Programming on the World Wide Web, a well-worn copy of which resides on our bookshelf.

All you need to take advantage of this accumulated wisdom is a web browser, so these titles are really available to anyone.

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