Gnumeric–the Gnome Office Spreadsheet

screenshot of Gnumeric

Everybody pretty much agrees that monopolies aren't the best way to run things. While it may make sense on have only one water company in town, there are a lot of other areas where more competition would probably be a good thing.

Gnumeric, the Gnome Office Spreadsheet, is another way to avoid the pitfalls of being locked into one software supplier (and you know who you are) but to still maintain compatibility with your peers.

Licensed under the GNU General Public License, Gnumeric is a fully functional standalone spreadsheet. Not designed to be a clone of "Brand M", it reads other popular spreadsheet formats, while allowing you to customize it so that you can work the way you want to. Gnumeric is designed to be able to handle even the largest spreadsheets fast, and its accuracy is the stuff of legends.

Along with all the functionality of the name-brand spreadsheet, Gnumeric boasts over 150 additional functions, in addition to all the graphing functionality you would expect, and page formatting and drawing objects.

Gnumeric is a Linux app.

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