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Sometimes the latest and greatest isn't what you want. The state of the art moves so quickly sometimes that you can be left in the dust. Whenever the latest version of your favorite application comes out, there is some hardware configuration that is no longer supported. Whether it's an old Win98 machine, or a Lombard PowerBook, there are plenty of perfectly good machines out there that won't run today's cutting edge software. Most software distributors only feature the new stuff on their download pages, making it impossible to get what you need for your machine.

The flip side of this is older content that won't work with newer applications. If you have a perfectly good copy of the CD-ROM Guide to All the Birds of Europe, you can't run it with recent versions of QuickTime.

Old-Versions tries to give you a hand with this problem. Rather than the latest and greatest, these folks pride themselves on having yesterday's technology today. Whether it's a down-rev version of IE or Safari, or that easy-to-configure version of ZoneAlarm's firewall, it's all here. The applications featured are the same ones you would have been able to download for free–no paid commercial software or warez here–if their distributors still made them available.

It looks like most of the apps offered here are Windows versions, so your Lombard may need to look elsewhere, but you're in luck if you're looking for that ancient version of Eudora for Windows.

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One Response to “Get yesterday’s technology today with Old-Versions”

  1. Liam K. says:

    It may seem like a really interesting site, but be aware that many of the downloads are bundled with adware…