How is a secure file transfer like an exotic lunch?

screenshot of Fugu

Fugu — a delicious and potentially deadly Japanese treat? or the preeminent SFTP client for OS X?

Actually it's both, but since you can't download sushi, we'll focus on the SFTP client instead. SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, is FTP's more secure cousin. Using the same secure connection as the secure shell (SSH), SFTP allows you to upload and download files without the risk of having your actions and passwords intercepted in the process.

Fugu is a GUI front-end to OS X's SFTP application that makes file transfers easy, and doesn't require you to be a whiz at the UNIX command line. Using a pair of control panes, it's easy to drag and drop files from your local machine to remote server, and vice versa.

Along with moving files, you can easily navigate up and down through the directory structure on both the local and remote systems. You can create new folders and trash files as well. A constantly updated history list makes it easy to jump around from location to location within the directory structure of both systems, without having to walk back through directories in the order you accessed them originally.

Fugu is a Mac app and runs on most OS X systems. Wasabi not required.

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