You can take it with you with HTTrack Website Copier

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HTTrack is a website copier. Even in this day of total connectivity, there are still times and places where you can't connect to the 'net, but you need to browse a website. With HTTrack, you can grab your favorite site, download it intact to your local machine, and take it with you.

With versions available for both Windows (WinHTTrack) and Linux (WebHTTrack), you'll be able to download your target site, including its directory structure, all images, and even PDF documents and other content from the site.

HTTrack supports multiple connections, so you won't have to wait all day to download your target site. It can update your mirror when the original site changes, making sure you have the latest version of the site available. Interrupted downloads can be resumed where you left off. You can configure HTTrack to choose how deep you want to go, so that you don't try to download Amazon's entire catalog, for example.

Offline doesn't mean out of touch any more.

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