And the Oscar goes to Celtx

screenshot of Celtx

Is there a screenplay in you? The original inspiration may be from your muse, but the details of making it all work out depends on your hard work. Celtx, an integrated media pre-production tool, may be just what you're looking for.

Screenwriting is a complicated process, and it uses standards and conventions that aren't used in other types of writing. Formatting, vocabulary, it's all pretty confusing. Celtx can help you keep track of things with its five industry standard editors. Each of these tie into a set of index cards, that let you arrange and rearrange your story to make sense of the big picture.

Scheduling tools help you to keep on target with your timeline. You can generate a breakdown of your locations, props, cast members to know what and who needs to be where.

You can even drag and drop documents between projects, so you can produce the sequel at the same time as your original masterpiece.

Celtx is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux machines.

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