One less excuse for not backing up your system

screenshot of Abakt

Anything that makes it easier to back up your system is a good thing. After all, the only good backup tool is the one that you really use.

Abakt is a backup tool that does more than just back up files. Because of its powerful filtering capabilities, you can use Abakt to do other things as well based on files and directories you've chosen.

You can create an archive file in .zip or .7z format to backup your important files and directory structures. Choose whether you want to make a full backup, or an incremental backup, grabbing only files that have been modified since your last backup.

In addition to backups, you can also copy, move, and delete files and directories based on filters you have created.

Abakt can also be run from the command line, making it easy to automate backups in conjunction with the Windows Task Scheduler. It can send you an email when a backup is complete, or even shoot your archive up to an FTP server. With this kind of help, it's going to be hard to not make your backups regularly, and you're definitely going to run out of excuses for why you haven't been keeping up.

Abakt runs on all 32-bit Windows platforms, from the lowly Win95 on up. It has also been run successfully on Linux boxes under Wine.

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