Re-design your living room with Sweet Home 3D – no chiropractor required!

screenshot of Sweet Home 3D

So how would that couch look over against that wall? Does this rug really tie the room together? Moving furniture around the room to try a new look isn't always easy. Not only is it a pain to drag the couch from here to there, but there's the matter of the two full bookcases you had to empty before you even started the process. And what if you don't like the result?

Sweet Home 3D allows you try out your new design ideas without having to get out the liniment. Rather than moving furniture, you can drag scale images around on your screen to see how your new design looks before you fully commit to it. Once your furniture is placed, you can rotate the room around to examine your handiwork in 3D, to see how it will really look. The app comes with 50 pieces of furniture, or you can even create some of your own.

Sweet Home 3D is a Java app, and will run on Linux, Mac, or Windows, or presumably any other platform that supports the Java virtual machine.

Download Sweet Home 3D

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