Tor: this onion keeps the tears out of your eyes

screenshot of Tor - The Onion Router

No matter where you wander on the Internet, you leave footprints. Each time your browser requests a web page, it also tells that server a lot about you. Multiply that by the number of websites you visit in a day or week, and that's a lot about you spread all over the place. Is there any way to help keep that from happening?

One way to leave fewer footprints–or at least footprints that nobody knows belong to you–is to use proxy servers. These get between you and the other servers, and as far as the web server is concerned, it's the proxy, and not you, that made that page request. The down side there is that the proxy knows who you are. How about making it so that nobody knows who you are?

Tor–The Onion Router–is just such a tool. Actually, it's a confluence of three different pieces that come together to make you as invisible as possible on the Web. Tor is the actual application that woks on your behalf behind the scenes. Vidalia (notice the nice onion metaphor continues) is a GUI for the
Tor app, And finally Privoxy, a web proxy that works in conjunction with the other two. All together, these pieces running across a network of widely dispersed proxy servers makes it nearly impossible for anyone to figure out who you are or to tie your activity back to you. It's probably as close as you can come to anonymity on the Web.

Tor is a free download, and is available for Linux (and other Unices), Mac, and Windows.

Download Tor – The Onion Router

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