QuickBooks for Free

screenshot of QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 for Windows

What if you could get an application with all the power and features of QuickBooks. How much would you expect to pay? How about nothing.

The folks at Intuit are making their QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 for Windows available for free. This isn't a cut down or limited version, it's the same full featured app you'd buy for real money. QuickBooks Simple Start is designed for first-time users, so it doesn't import data from other accounting packages, but other than that' it's got everything for your small business.

You can use it to create and track invoices and receivables, while at the same time printing checks and doing your payables as well. Tax time is easy when you're tracking tax-related income and expenses throughout the year, instead of dragging out the shoe box full of receipts on April 14th. Included tutorials make it easy to get up to speed, and you even get 30 days of email support–not bad for a price of $0.

If it's time to upgrade your accounting system from a spreadsheet and a legal pad, this may be just the ticket for you.

QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 for Windows runs under Windows XP or Vista.

Download QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 for Windows

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