You won’t have to stop and ask for directions with a Mind Map

screenshot of EDraw Mind Map

A mind map (or brainstorming diagram) is a great way to "think on paper". Start with a central idea, and add new ideas to the drawing, using lines to connect related ideas, or to reflect process flow (put on socks, then shoes). Before you know it, you may well have discovered the answer to your problem–you had all the pieces, but never saw how they all fit together.

EDraw Mind Map is a handy tool for mind maps and brainstorming sessions. It comes with a bunch of pre-drawn symbols to use in your mind map, which makes it easy to spend time and effort on your thought process, rather than on how to use the tool. Add lines to show relationships, process flow, and more, and you're on your way to a solution. The goal of a brainstorming session, after all, it got all those ideas out there as quickly as possible with no judgment, so that you can reflect on them later to decide which pieces you want to act on.

EDraw Mind Map is a vector-based drawing program, so you can enlarge and reduce your mind maps without their becoming unreadable or full of "jaggies" as you resize them.

You'll need Windows 2000 or later to fun EDraw Mind Map.

Download EDraw Mind Map

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