Pretty as a picture–but it’s not a picture!

screenshot of ASCII Art Generator

Looking for something new and different? How about a picture that's not a picture.

ASCII Art Generator can take your .gif, .jpeg, or .png image and turn it into ASCII art. Enter the URL of your image, specify the quality and size you want, and decide whether to get black-and-white or color, and just click the button. The resulting "image"–which really isn't an image at all–is available as plain text (no colors), HTML, or as a PHP class.

What you do with your new "image" is up to you. Revisit the days of yore when there were no such thing as graphics cards or displays. Add it to your "I (heart) ASCII" website. Knock yourself out–the sky's the limit.

ASCII Art Generator is an online service, so it should be available to anyone with a modern web browser.

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