PDF Merge Thing: the name says it all

screenshot of PDF Merge Thing

So here you are with a desktop full of .pdf files. That may be okay if you're looking at them yourself, but it's not so helpful if you need to email those dozen files to somebody else. Wouldn't it be nice if you could glue all those files together into one big file? Maybe the aptly-named PDF Merge Thing can take care of you.

PDF Merge Thing takes individual .pdf files and combines them into one big .pdf file. It's easy to just drag and drop your individual files into the application's main window. You can rearrange the files so the resulting combined file will have all the pieces in the right order.

The default behavior for PDF Merge Thing is to print this new document. Using the Mac's ability to "print" to a .pdf file, you can print your resulting document to a new .pdf document, and now you have one file where there were dozens before. Now you have a much easier to handle single document to upload, archive, or email.

PDF Merge Thing is an application for Macintosh systems and runs under OS X 10.2 or later.

Download PDF Merge Thing

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