Unlocker has the key to the file that can’t be accessed or deleted

screenshot of Unlocker

Has Windows ever told you you can't do something? Of course it has! It's a complex beast, with many parts and pieces working closely together in harmony. Most of the time.

One of our least pleasant experiences is where it tells us we can't delete a file because there's a program out there that's still using it. While this may be generally true, there are going to be times when there is no other program using that file, thank you very much. Sometimes there really is another program out there that we've just forgotten about, or there may be a zombie process that's still running after an app shut down incorrectly and incompletely.

Unlocker can help take care of these types or problems. Whether it's a runaway process, a DLL that won't unload, a locked file handle, or some other problem, Unlocker can help kill the process or unlock the file so that you can make Windows bend to your will–or at least do what you're trying to do.

Unlocker is a Windows app that runs on Win2000 and later.

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