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Macs allow to you to burn CDs and DVDs out of the box. There just isn't maybe all the flexibility you'd like built-in to that process. An aftermarket tool like Burn may help you to make your Mac that much more useful to you.

Along with garden variety data- and music discs, Burn lets you build hybrid CDs, with an HFS+ filesystem for your Mac-specific pieces, and a Joliet filesystem for the Windows bits. You can burn standard audio discs to CDs or create MP3 discs that can be saved to CD or DVD media. You can burn standard disc images for .dmg, .img, .iso formats and more.

Burn uses the standard DiscBurning.framework that's also used by Finder and iTunes, so if you're having problems burning with those two apps, you probably will still have problems with Burn.

Burn is a Mac app that requires OS X 10.4+ for all of its features, although a significant subset is available under 10.3.9.

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