Your pictures won’t just sit there with Active Pixels

screenshot of Active Pixels

Everybody's got a digital camera. And almost everybody's got a website–or a blog, or a photo-sharing account. But not everybody can shell out six bills to buy the name-brand image editor.

Active Pixels is a free paint program and image editor. It supports over a hundred different graphics formats, so there probably isn't a file it can't open. Like Photoshop, it uses layers, allowing you to precisely edit your images. It includes dozens of filters, to let you apply just the right effects to your pictures. It uses floating palettes and toolbars, just like the high-priced app, so if you've used the Adobe product, you're already familiar with how things work and where to find them.

The "save for web" option allows you to save your images with the best compromise between quality and size, so your visitors can see the best possible image in the shortest possible time.

You can export your images to use as icons, too. Just double-click Grandma and up comes your web browser.

One of our favorite features is the unlimited undo/redo, which allows you to repair your errors–no matter how many times you make them.

Active Pixels runs under Windows.

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