nLite lets you have Windows your way

screenshot of nLite

Did you ever try to remove a part of Windows? How successful were you?

nLite is a Windows Installation Customizer that will let you remove the bits you don't want. Never use Outlook Express? Why not get rid of it. MSN Explorer not something you want? Hasta la vista, baby!

While nLite lets you customize Windows the way you want it, the real excitement comes with the second installation. Get your system configured just the way you want it, with all the stuff you want, and none of what you don't, and then you can create a bootable image of that installation. Now you can–with appropriate licenses, of course–deploy your custom-configured version of
Windows on all your machines, so that they will all work just the way you want them to. Your image install can run unattended, so when working with multiple machines you don't have to sit there to babysit the Enter key for each of them.

nLite requires Windows 2000 or later and version 2 of the .NET Framework.

Download nLite

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