DiskSweeper Free is like a vacuum for your hard drive

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How much junk is on your system's hard drive? Temporary files, cached web pages, odds-and-ends, it all adds up. Searching for these guys individually is a real waste of time, yet you need to get rid of them so that you can use your system to actually get something done.

DiskSweeper Free can help you to clean house. Configurable by the user, you can specify paths to look in for this detritus. With a set of pre-configured filters, many of your dusty leftovers can be deleted automatically. You can also modify or create new filters, allowing you to fine-tune your deletions. You may have a bunch of PDF files cluttering-up temp directories, but other PDFs that you need to hang on to. Set up the filters to look in just the locations you're interested in, and your real files will be safe while the junk goes away.

You always have the final say in what stays and what goes, since everything that's deleted is really just moved to the Recycle bin. It's easy to move stuff back out if you've been overzealous in your clean-up.

DiskSweeper Free runs under Windows 2000 and later.

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